Film/Media Projects

Critical Landscape-Scale Force of Nature

Game Page on Developer: DougDevs/Regular BusinessRelease: 2020 In Critical Landscape-Scale Force of Nature, play as a beaver defending their dam from humans that want to destroy it! Plant acorns to create trees, throw sticks to stun enemies, and chew trees to make them fall on the humans. Can you make it past the final … Continue reading Critical Landscape-Scale Force of Nature

You’re Fired

Game Page on Developer: DougDevs / Regular BusinessRelease: 2020 Every one is home due to the quarantine, and you have been told to pack up and get out in 5 minutes. Pack as much as you can steal into your briefcase! Collect all 5 golden items hidden in the level for a $1000 score bonus. … Continue reading You’re Fired

We Call Them Mountains by Gear Work Films is an indie western that has a predominantly dark orchestral soundtrack.

Petrichor is a show that has a soundtrack with a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments.

In the summer of 2018, he wrote a track for a documentary on Viva Farms in the Skagit Valley region of Washington state.

Jake wrote music for a podcast on Northwest Public Radio that aired in the Fall 2017 semester.  The podcast is about Logan Wheeler, a student who attended Washington State College (now known as Washington State University) and lost his life in World War I.

Here’s a link to the article with audio:

He also provided additional music to the pilot episode of Bored & Stranded on Cable 8 Productions.

Jake wrote music for a film reel for Gear Work Films and is currently composing music for We Call Them Mountains, a western film set during the Civil War era, created by Jacob Granneman from Gear Work Films.