Jake Kargl is currently a Seattle-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and audio engineer.  He has recently composed music for Gear Work Films, UpperKace, Cable 8 Productions, and Northwest Public Radio.

Jake is currently working on indie games and film projects in the Seattle area while pursuing a master’s degree in music composition for film and visual media at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, taught through Seattle Film Institute. He is also an active member of Materia Collective, a record label in Seattle that specializes in video game music. He has contributed to several community tribute albums over the past few years.

bongo pic 2

Photo by Lacey Young

Besides writing music for media, Jake also composes concert music. He is experienced in writing music for solo percussion, percussion ensemble, symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, electronic music, and various forms of rock music.

As a performer, Jake enjoys playing a variety of instruments across several styles. His main area of performance is percussion (drum set, mallet percussion, timpani, orchestral percussion) and electronics.