My name is Jake Kargl, and I’m an audio designer for video games and musician currently based in the Seattle area. I first became interested in sound design during an electronic music course where I had to create ambient tracks with audio from non-musical sounds that I recorded. I remember making eerie soundscapes with heavily altered recordings from various things like an elevator shaft and beeping microwave. I later took a game audio course in my master’s program at Seattle Film Institute, taught by Akash Thakkar (Hyperlight Drifter, Destiny, Concrete Genie), and was introduced to interactive audio through middleware. I was immediately hooked onto the idea of using sounds that I create to construct audio systems in Wwise and FMOD that responds to player feedback.

Apart from sound design, I’m a video game music (VGM) remix artist and a percussionist who has both created and played on numerous arrangements. I attribute part of my sound design interest to my experience as a performer in my college percussion ensemble, often playing experimental music where abnormal musical sounds are explored. I have also created a few original soundtracks to games and previous media that I’ve worked on. When I’m not focusing on game audio, I’m most likely playing sports with friends, catching up on my backlog of games I want to play, or playing some tunes with my fellow musician friends.