As a child, before I knew anything about game development, I said that I wanted to work at a game studio. I loved the stories, environments, art, and sounds in my early gaming experiences as a player. That passion for games combined with my love of audio eventually led me to becoming a professional audio designer. While attending a master’s program for film music, I studied game audio from Akash Thakkar (sound designer for Hyperlight Drifter) and was enthralled by the creative possibilities of game audio. I found a new love for sound design, dialogue design, and audio implementation.

I’ve worked on the dialogue for High on Life, a narrative-based sci-fi FPS game from Squanch Games, and have designed audio for a variety of smaller game projects. Apart from working in games, I have also contributed to several interactive audiobooks as an audio designer, all released by Novel Effect. No matter what project I’m working on, I always try to elevate the narrative experience through sound and dialogue.